Cannes: Dir. Uppili Raghavachari talks DEATH LIES ON HER

05 Aug, 2017

“Death Lies On Her”, a short film by London-based writer/director/producer Uppili Raghavachari, was featured in the 2017 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. The talented filmmaker explains:

“I was in Cannes last year and I met a lot of people. And I was finishing off my short film, which is a high-concept short based on Shakespeare, but set in the future [and] is effectively the promo for our feature film.”

Scene from "Death Lies On Her" by London-based writer/director/producer Uppili Raghavachari

Scene from “Death Lies On Her” by London-based writer/director/producer Uppili Raghavachari

As a result of Raghavachari’s love for English Literature and Shakespeare, he was inspired to create a piece based on this legendary tale. The horror picture takes us to the year 2075 in London bringing us into the tragic and dangerous world of a mad scientist and his sick wife, who is the love of his life. His love, confined to a wheel chair and somewhat of a vampire-type character who, if set loose from the chair she is chained to, will kill at no costs. Her loving husband is desperate to find a cure for his “Juliet”, so that they can be together again without her illness as they lived and loved before.

“Death Lies On Her” is extremely thrilling. I’m not a big fan of horror films as I’m used to dramas, however Raghavachari’s movie is so effectively scary that I am both excited and afraid to watch his upcoming feature based on this short.

Watch our exclusive Cannes 2017 interview with filmmaker Uppili Raghavachari:

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