PAINT: Smart Art World TV Comedy Premieres at Sundance

19 Mar, 2018

PAINT is a funny and smart 30-minute comedy/drama television pilot that premiered in the new Indie Episodic Program category at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Written and directed by Michael Walker and starring Olivia Luccardi and Josh Caras, as well as Amy Hargreaves, the pilot takes us into the world of three young struggling artists making their way through the challenges of the art industry in Brooklyn.

PAINT red carpet premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival | Photo by Cindy Maram/Dig In Magazine

PAINT red carpet premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival
Photo by Cindy Maram/Dig In Magazine

The various scenarios in the project are hilarious—a twenty-something painter, played by Luccardi, has a coffee shop job by day as she tries to sell her own paintings off the shop walls and is desperate to be taken seriously as an artist. She becomes enamored by a customer, a famous artist who is triple her age, which ends up selling one of her paintings for a large lump sum and calling it his own. Perceived by her roommates as a homeless, smelly old man, she hilariously makes out with the famed artist in their apartment in front of her friends to their disgust and shock.

We sat down with director Michael Wheeler and the cast of PAINT at Sundance 2018—see what they had to say:

2018 Sundance Film Festival PAINT TV Series Pilot Director and Cast Interview from Dig In Magazine on Vimeo.

Another belly rolling situation is when Dan (Caras) comes up with the ironic idea to photograph his mother (Hargreaves) nude in hopes of elevating his career while channeling his dark side. He talks his best friend, whom he trusts and doesn’t realize is a womanizer, into doing the photography work. We watch as things backfire into a sexual escapade between his friend and mother. Walker’s PAINT takes us into a world that those of us who know the art world are familiar with, but throws the audience for a loop as we are taken on a youthful, off the wall, unique, witty and amusing adventure that no one else has thought of before.

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Interview and article by Cindy Maram
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