TV Series DOUCHEAHOLICS is cleverly written and produced

23 Apr, 2018

According to the Urban Dictionary, a doucheaholic is:

1. A person suffering from douche-ness
2. One who is so totally a douchebag, that they can do nothing but perform every task as a douchebag.

T-Bag, D-Cup, Ted, Laura, Melody and Madison and Wilhelmina all display the characteristics of a doucheaholic, but each redefine the term. Overly confident and self-loving, muscle man T-Bag is the ultimate doucheaholic who is absolutely consumed with loving himself and his physique. D-Cup is a low-life who has no concern over anyones feelings and is on a constant manhunt for the hottest guy in the room. Ted is an a-hole who aims to embarrass others and is a considered a “douche rocket”—landing right at the top of the doucheaholic hierarchy. Laura, a “Douche in Sheep’s clothing”—is defined as a Doucheaburbanite as she is in denial that she is a total douche as she suppresses her douchebaggery to appear like a classy housewife and mother of three. Predouchelescents, Melodie and Madison, are tweens that display the beginning stages of traits, interests and psychologies common to the fully matured adult Douchebag—or a.k.a. tween douches. And Wilhelmina is a Gourmandouche, a douche considered a connoisseur of fine cuisine—a.k.a. a foodie douche. All of these hilarious, colorful and animated characters display various versions of, according to the Douchepedia, Douchery—the act or art of bing a douche.

‘Doucheaholics’, the new comedic web or digital series, which will be available on iTunes April 24th and Amazon on May 1st, comes to you from co-creators, producers and actors Sean McCarthy and Elizabeth Mitchell, who are part of Guerrilla Wanderers Films. Both star in the series, as well as wrote, directed and produced the television project.

At the Guerrilla Wanderers Films production studio, Cindy Maram, Dig In Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, caught up with both McCarthy and Mitchell, the creative team behind the smart comedic TV series ‘Doucheaholics’ to learn more about the show, the filmmaking process and more.

Watch our exclusive ‘Doucheaholics’ interview with the talented filmmakers:

Cleverly written and produced–and the funniest series we’ve seen so far–each douchey, low life character possesses hilarious quirks that will make you crack a loud chuckle, grin ear to ear, while shaking your head in disbelief as their douchiest stories are revealed in weekly group therapy sessions (modeled after AA Meetings) held in the community center. Mitchell plays Sandy, a serious-toned, cynical, goth-looking douchebag, whereas McCarthy plays B-Real, the funny, poker faced support group moderator who wants to comfort all the doucheaholics with a big bear hug following their disgraceful confessions. But all jokes aside, there is deeper meaning behind these characters’ flaws that the filmmakers are trying to convey—for example, T-Bag, who is completely narcissistic, makes the audience ponder human nature’s innate desire to “want people to pay attention to us and be recognized” says McCarthy. He reveals that “‘Doucheaholics’ is about a group of douchebags that all suffer from human flaws and it’s a comedic look and exploration of those people.” The filmmaker goes on to explain that ‘Doucheaholics’ …is world building. The humanity behind it is that everyone is flawed.”

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