A Transformed Charlize Theron on her role in TULLY

03 May, 2018

In director Jason Reitman’s newest film ‘Tully’ we see a transformed Charlize Theron who plays Marlo, a pregnant mother and wife going through the difficulties of pregnancy experiencing postpartum blues. With an attractive husband, played by Ron Livingston, who is preoccupied with work and playing video games in bed, she’s lost her sex drive, is dissatisfied with her lot in life and is distressed over her son’s learning disability. Appearing to have trouble handling the strains of being a new mother to an infant and young son, her wealthy brother (Mark Duplass) suggests to hire a night nanny, named Tully, to assist her—played by the charming Mackenzie Phillips. Marlo is both shocked and enamored by the young nanny and grows extremely fond of her. Eventually Tully encourages Marlo to get out of her emotional rut and reminds her of the excitement she felt as a twenty something youth.

Watch our red carpet interviews with Charlize Theron and director Jason Reitman to learn more about the film at SFFilm Festival’s Tribute to Charlize Theron: Tully, which took place at the Castro Theatre:

One night Tully persuades her to leave the house and go out on the town, but the wild evening, filled with excessive drinking, ends badly. Both women survive the accident, but Marlo is badly injured and is diagnosed as dillusional and suffering from a lack of sleep. The audience is thrown for a loop when we discover in the hospital that Marlo’s maiden name is actually Tully, the same name as the night nanny’s. Was Tully purely a figure of Marlo’s delusional imagination—an imaginary friend of some sort? Reitman’s film brings to light the challenges and difficulties many parents face during and following pregnancy. Theron provides an emotional performance displaying the depths and range of her talent as an actress. And we are thrilled by the beautiful chemistry between Theron and Phillips. See ‘Tully’ in theaters May 4.

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