Mysterious film CARTE BLANCHE on the evils of Hollywood

15 Jun, 2018

Yesterday evening, June 14th, we attended a private screening of the short film, CARTE BLANCHE (2018) at The Hollywood Roosevelt Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The project was written and directed by Eva Dolezalova [SOUND OF SUN 2016), SOMNIO (2017)] and produced by Andrea Chung [HEARTBEATS (2017, SEOUL SEARCHING (2015), THE DAMNED (2013), PASSION PLAY (2010)] and included cast members Gregory Itzin, Maya Henry, Jack Kilmer, Johnny Whitworth, Jessika Van and Ali Fazal. The story of CARTE BLANCHE was extremely compelling with an air of mystery and suspense. Set in Hollywood at a trendy star studded party where new star, Gideon Blake (Dylan Sprouse), who has been recently launched into stardom and seen as the next marketable big thing, we catch a glimpse of the power, control and evils of the Hollywood life and the social circles that surround its young, vulnerable victims.

In the Q&A following the screening, when Rebecca Sun of The Hollywood Reporter, asked writer/director Eva Dolezalova what her inspiration behind the story was, she explained that “the film doesn’t really reflect what I think of Hollywood. It reflects what I think of certain people in Hollywood. And it was just an intense experience for me. And I remember once someone told me “Hollywood stole my soul.” And I thought it was a very interesting sad point and I don’t think it necessarily needs to be that way. So, that’s why I decided to make this film about it. You always have to make choices. You have two paths—you can go good or evil. Dylan went evil, but we’re going good.”

And part of the film’s mysterious aspect has to do with Jack Kilmer’s character, Robert White, what the actor called an “enigma” in the film. Kilmer went onto convey that his character “represents the part of you that you betray when you…sell your soul to the devil and Hollywood.”

Enthralling, with a story that captivates audiences, the short was filled with a talented, star-studded and glamorous cast. Further, the picture was beautifully shot with perfectly paired music that enhanced each scene.

The CARTE BLANCHE screening was followed by an after party held at the Rosy Oyster in The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. See our photos from the amazing evening!

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